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Did you know? Vastu tips for a Puja room

Puja Ghar is the Atma of every home. Its cosmic energy is full of positive vibes and harmony , on entering the space refreshes your soul and fills you up with positivity. Worshiping in India has evolved through ages, based on individual traditions it can be designed in different ways.

Some prefer contemporary style and standing prayer room, others with various idols and place to meditate. Praying in correct position will repel all the negative energies in the home.

shd puja 2

  • The best direction for a puja room in the house should be northeast followed by east and north directions. Reason being, northeast attracts the most beneficial energies of the Sun which is known to be full of Satwik Tatva or pure essence.

  • While performing puja, one should face east or north direction and avoid placing idols in the south direction.

  • The room has to be properly ventilated and if the room isn’t have a proper sunlight; it must be properly lighted with plenty of artificial lights.

  • The Agnikund should be in the southeast direction and the sacred offerings in the Agni should be made facing towards the east direction.

  • Walls of a puja room are preferably to be white in colour or light yellow or light blue. In case, you use marble, it should always be white.

  • puja room should not be sharing a wall with a Bathroom.

  • Never sit bare on floor while performing puja or meditation.

  • While worshipping, the legs of the idol should be at the chest level of the person worshipping depending on the position, whether standing or sitting.

  • Nothing should be stored above the cabinet or slab here the God's idol is placed.

We hope these Vastu tips will help you as remedies for every dosh, also, try to keep your surroundings clean and hygienic, it creates positivity.


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