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 Architecture & Interior Design


Shrish Design Studio is renowned as industry-leading Space planners specializing in  Sustainable design for Creative souls creating comfortable living and a peaceful environment for various Interior and outdoor spaces. We believe in making affordable housing and design, with a vision “every person has a right to enjoy the luxury of Cosy and stylish home”. From the initial introductory meeting to a roundtable session to lay-ing down the rug on new floors, We provide clients with expert guidance throughout the entire design process.


Architectural Designs are even more fun, we provide a detailed floor plan customized to suit the clients need and lifestyle. The client gets appropriate Advice on the storage areas, structural entities and Vastu compliances. From concept floor plans to execution drawings including brick wall detail, electrical layout, plumbing design, door and window details can be availed here.


Every firm has a story

Shrish Design Studio was founded by Ar Swaroopa Ekbote who Specializes in Interior design and has a Masters degree in Advanced Design from the prestigious Oxford Brokes University, London, with the pursuit of creating beautiful spaces that people interact with and improve the quality of space.


Whether designing a new building or developing outdoor recreational spaces, the goal is to create an aesthetically pleasing and livable atmosphere that closely intervenes natural elements in the design. Behind every beautiful building is a great design. In all our designs, We strive to find the perfect balance between comfort, beauty and the minimalistic art of living.

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