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They make the Design!


Japandi Inspired Architecture & Interior Design

What we do


What Inspires us

Japandi is a fusion word between Japanese and Scandinavian words. Its basic Philosophy blends both styles and indeed puts together Wabi-sabi Japanese ethos, with Scandinavian Minimalism, that finds perfection in Imperfection.


Japandi styled Architecture and Interior design follows a minimalistic design approach. It is functional, warm and harmonious to nature. This Japanese Zen - filled Interior establishes free-flowing spaces, that are clutter-free with clean lines and solid wood furniture.

360' View Luxury Apartment

Go - Green Mantra

Go - Green is the new mantra that all our designers follow using white or neutral based colour pallet with rich accents. we also work with natural tones of blues, greens, plums, black and browns found in natural elements.

Furniture pieces are simple, bold and impactful that are chosen carefully to serve the function. The wood chosen is with exposed grains and mid-tones with natural texture devoid of carvings. Blending indoor and outdoor is one of the basic way to bring greenery in design. Decor and accessories are mostly with plants, glassware, books and handmade ceramics.

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What we do

The designers at SHD studio7 design architecture building design and interior designs and oversee the construction process from start to finish, including and free-floating furniture, modular furnishing, accessories and soft furnishing.

we also provide structural designs, low-cost electrical designs, water harvesting and water recycling options. We are experienced in Residential, commercial, Institutional, landscape and Hospitality projects. 


Shrish Design Studio is an eco-friendly design firm that customizes each project around the needs of the client. We here in believe that the design should reflect the client's personality and turn it into a humble abode creating bespoke designs.

Shdstudio7 is based in Bengaluru and founded by Architect Swaroopa Ekbote who has a Master degree in Advance Designing from Oxford Brookes University, London, United Kingdom.

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