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Architecture Entrance Exam

Course Overview

Crash Course Highlights

The Crash Course is beneficial for aspirants who need more help, guidance, and motivation. Let us take a quick look into the benefits of NATA and JEE B.Arch Crash Course:

  1. Expert Guidance: Learning or preparing for the NATA or JEE requires expert guidance in a short period of time. Our faculty members have gone through what you are going through now and have immense experience and expertise. Therefore, they will empathize with you and efficiently guide you through your preparation process.

  2. Gaining Discipline: Not many of us can self-discipline ourselves and put in full dedication. Therefore, a crash course at CBRC Institute Classes, will not just help to follow a disciplined schedule but, also will make learning fun and interactive.

  3. Aptitude Development: Developing aptitude also needs focus, dedication, and constant perseverance. And, for many of us that can only be achieved by attending regular and scheduled sessions along with witnessing the aptitude development of fellow students to compete with them.

  4. Comprehensive Study Material: You need not waste time in rummaging through numerous books, CBRC Institute Classes provides a carefully compiled and easily understandable study material that deals with every subject and topic in-depth. 

  5. Assessment and Guidance: Assuming that you are good at learning, understanding, and self-study, there are sections in the NATA and JEE B.Arch syllabus and exam that are not quite possible to self-assess. Therefore, expert suggestion and guidance is very necessary and highly recommended.

  6. Practice: A Crash Course ensures that you are getting the right guidance and also makes sure that you are giving a focused and dedicated amount of time to enhance your artistic skills, as it is also one of the integral parts of the entrance exam.

  7. Changing patterns: The NATA and JEE B.Arch Exam patterns or paper styles are changing with every passing year. Therefore, keeping our students updated with all the upcoming exams and preparing them accordingly is our priority.

  8. Time Management: During the entrance exam time management is a very crucial element. Hence, the crash course trains you to practice allocating time to each section of the question paper; thereby preventing wastage of time during the examination.


•The course aims to meticulously prepare the students for the design entrance examinations through in-depth exercises.

• Focus on their Drawing, Visualization Skills, Verbal Reasoning, Non-Verbal Reasoning, General Aptitude and Mathematical Aptitude.

•Mock tests and exercises will be given on Logical Reasoning.

•Seminars will be conducted periodically.

•The course also guides them through the exam pattern and effective time management for the exam and is condensed to provide the students with the most effective preparation for the exam.

•Series Examination, Revision Tests & Discussions will be conducted periodically.

•Every student will be provided with app login details for extensive study materials and assessment from mentors.

Programme :

Nata Crash Course

Duration :

30 / 45 days

CLASS per week : 6 hrs

Eligibility :

10 + 2 From Recognized board education Students

10 + 3 diploma holder with Mathematics as subject

Maths , physics , Chemistry

Background in necessary

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